Your Lean CPA Journey

Your LeanCPASM journey to increased effectiveness and profitability is a step-by-step journey. LeanCPA is about continuous improvement for you and your firm.

  1. Start
    Introduction to Lean Six Sigma – Learn Lean Six Sigma principles and how they work in CPA firms.
  2. Train Your Team
    Training Workshop – Participate in a hands-on workshop that illustrates the benefits of Lean Six Sigma – and you’ll get CPE.
  3. Identify Improvement Areas
    Firm Assessment – Identify areas in your firm that are ripe for improvement.
  4. Create Efficiency
    Project Facilitation – Improve client service by acting on ideas from team members to improve the firm's current processes.
  5. Analyze Results
    Project Analysis – Ensure that processes are working and measure your results using new metrics.
  6. Improve Continuously
    Tweak Processes – Or find additional ones to improve.
  7. Ongoing Coaching
    Obtain Assistance – For every project, ongoing assistance is always available in the format that works best for you and your firm.
  8. Realize Continuous Improvement
    Ultimate LeanCPA Enterprise – Reap the benefits of making Lean a way of life at your firm.

 Contact Lean CPA to learn how you can start your firm on its lean journey.

Lean CPA
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