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LeanCPA Blitz

Many smaller firms find that the traditional four-day LeanCPA project is too robust for their needs. Which is why we’ve come up with LeanCPA Blitz – a program that’s ideal for smaller firms, or for specific niche practices within larger firms.

How is the Blitz different from our traditional project?

The accelerated, two-day program allows us to manage many of the initial conversations and training remotely before arriving on-site. This allows us to spend our face-to-face time together producing meaningful, lasting change to your current operational processes and how your firm interacts with clients.

How is the Blitz the same as our traditional project?

Commitment and accountability are still critical. And you can still expect to walk away with more efficient and effective practices; employees who feel the benefits of working smarter, not harder; and clients who are delighted with timely deliverables. Just like the traditional project, you’ll work with experienced Lean Six Sigma-certified consultants who have helped CPA firms throughout the country realize their own extraordinary results.

After successfully completing the LeanCPA Blitz program, you will be left with:

  • An empowered team. Your internal project team will understand the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma – and how they can be applied to CPA firms. When they see how Lean Six Sigma can impact your office and service processes, they’ll be energized to incite change within your firm. As an added bonus, your team will work together to solve problems and engage in breakthrough problem-solving tools
  • More efficient, effective processes. As you reduce or eliminate non-value-added processing time will be reduced, you’ll see your cycle times improve – leading to an increased capacity for your team. You’ll also get advice and analysis about other areas for improvement. The project will also:
    • Identify of key “wastes” in the process – and show you how to reduce or eliminate them
    • Identify consistent errors and review notes

What does the LeanCPA Blitz program look like?

Consulting projects are designed to address every aspect of business. But your results will be more concentrated when the focus is targeted on one department or specialty. You’ll receive tools and process improvements designed to make critical areas of your practice more efficient, more profitable and more professionally rewarding. Here’s what you can expect to occur during the LeanCPA Blitz engagement:


  • Assessment. Before any consulting project, we will work with your senior leadership to identify the key metrics you use to track the profitability of firm. Potential members of your project team will also be identified during these calls. We’ll work with these individuals to assess your current tools and resources.
  • Training. Educating the firm is key to your success, so your internal project team will attend a one-hour CPE webinar before the project begins. In order to commit to change, your professionals need to understand the theories and concepts that drive efficiencies and a continuous improvement mindset, and this training webinar will give them those tools.

On-Site Engagement:

  • During the two intensive on-site work days with your project team, we will investigate your current process, identify the key areas where the process breaks down and co-develop tools to strengthen the process. The result will be a more effective and profitable way to interact internally and with clients.


  • For the year following your project, we’ll hold regular touch base calls to ensure you’re still on the path to process improvement and to coach you through any challenges that may arise.

How To Get Started

Are you ready to improve your firm’s overall efficiency by adopting processes that have been proven to deliver measurable results? Call 614.889.8725 or click here today to find out if our LeanCPA Blitz program is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

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