Why Lean Six Sigma for your CPA Firm?

Lean Six Sigma can help your firm be more effective by eliminating steps within your processes that do not add value (i.e. waste). From wasting time waiting for client data to filter in, to the back and forth work loops review notes create, to partners spending time on minute details instead of high-level work.

Through a specific application of Lean Six Sigma - combining proven concepts and methodologies with best practices identified in CPA processes - LeanCPASM can help you:

  • Deliver services to your clients that they value
  • Improve realization when servicing clients
  • Make the best use of your staff's time
  • Be more efficient with your processes
  • Reduce the number and level of review notes
  • Decrease the amount of "touches" for a service
  • Increase the amount you bill per process a day

Are you and your staff working harder, but not smarter? If so, applying Lean Six Sigma in your practice can make a difference.

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