Why Lean CPA?

The goal of LeanCPASM  is to reduce wasted time and errors so you can improve your CPA firm’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The process starts by reviewing the steps your team takes to complete a service from start to finish. Client value is key, so we'll look at what steps truly add value to your client and what steps don't - and whether those that don't add value can be eliminated. Another important component to effective processes is reducing the number and level of review notes and the number of "touches" your team makes when performing a service.

The result? Greater efficiency, more time to take on new work and less "in the trenches" partner time, fewer errors and better quality of work. You'll see smoother, faster processes and will be able to develop your CPA firm staff at the same time.

Instead of doing what you've always done, try to look at your services, and your back office, as processes that can be improved upon to increase your CPA firm's efficiency. By applying these proven methodologies to existing processes, you'll be more effective at what you do - and you'll notice the difference in your bottom line.

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