Improve Accounting Firm Efficiency

This quick and easy questionnaire will help you determine whether accounting firm efficiency consulting is right for you.

Do you want to improve your accounting firm's efficiency?

  1. Do you need to give the bottom line more attention to keep up with the top line?
  2. Does your accounting firm suffer from the "pick up, set down" syndrome (i.e. start a little then wait, do a little more and wait, pick it back up and wait)?
  3. Does client work routinely back up at certain steps in the process?
  4. Is there variation in cycle time (i.e. " turnaround time") to clients with similar characteristics?
  5. Are partners spending excessive time in the minute details and not enough time on high-level value added services, which is what clients desire?
  6. Do your people feel they are "working harder, not smarter?"
  7. Do delays in receiving client information consistently impair your ability to deliver efficient, effective client service?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you should find out more about accounting firm efficiency consulting and how public accounting firms are using it to WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

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